500+ Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare is a game that was created to test how brave people really are. Would they prefer to admit some big secret about their lives, or would they be daring enough to do anything another player asked them to do? It’s one of the most-played games in the world, but sometimes, the questions can become a bit boring.

It’s always great to play truth or dare with friends who you know personally, because you feel much more comfortable daring them to do something, and they’ll be more honest, too.

Comparatively, playing truth or dare with a total stranger can be like walking through a minefield; you’re not sure about what questions you should be asking, and whether there are certain topics that they’re sensitive about.

What is ‘Truth or Dare’?

Just to make things clear, it’s best to play ‘Truth or Dare’ with a large group of people so that it’s more enjoyable and unpredictable. Use a bottle to spin and determine who asks whom to reveal a secret or complete a dare.

It’s a fun and simple game to play whenever you’re stuck at a boring party and want to make things interesting. You can test your friends’ ability to complete different dares, and if they would prefer completing a dare to reveal a secret.

Intense Truth or Dare Questions

The game’s about to get started. Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. And to make things more intense, we’ve broken down all the types of questions in their respective categories.

Puzzling Truth Questions

Ever wondered who’s your crush’s crush? Now’s the time to really find that out, throw in some puzzling questions like these and get the answer!


  1. Who was the last person you got intimate with?
  2. What’s the longest time you’ve left food on the floor before eating it?
  3. How many times have you peed in a swimming pool?
  4. Have you ever farted and lied about it?
  5. Have you ever, in your entire life, whether accidental or not, eaten/tasted a booger?
  6. How many different people have you kissed?
  7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while you were hooking up?
  8. When was the last time you peed yourself?
  9. What would you do if you had to go number two in a public restroom and there was no toilet paper?
  10. One a scale of one to ten, how attractive do you think you are?
  11. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend?
  12. Have you ever cheated on one or more of your significant others?
  13. Who in the world would you not rescue from a burning building?
  14. What illegal thing have you done recently?
  15. Have you ever been arrested?
  16. Would you trade your sibling/best friend for $10 million?
  17. Would you spread a nasty rumor about your boyfriend/girlfriend for $1 million?
  18. Which of your friends are you secretly envious of?
  19. What’s the last thing you cried about?
  20. Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?
  21. What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done?
  22. What’s one way you got revenge on someone who wronged you?
  23. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  24. What’s the most heartless way you’ve broken up with someone?
  25. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a crush?
  26. Who in your life do you pretend to like but actually don’t?
  27. Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of going somewhere?
  28. Would you have voted for Donald Trump?
  29. How often do you actually shower?
  30. What’s the longest you’ve gone without brushing your teeth?
  31. Have you ever had lice?
  32. What’s something no one knows about you?
  33. Have you ever read anyone’s diary?
  34. Who was the last person you prank called?
  35. Has anyone ever stood you up?
  36. Do you own underwear that’s so old, that it has holes in it?
  37. Who do you not want to see naked?
  38. How stinky is your breath when you wake up on a morning?
  39. Have you ever stolen anything?
  40. If you were in an emergency, who would be the last person you’d call?
  41. Have you ever pretended to like a gift when you actually hated it?
  42. Have you ever told one of your friend’s secrets?
  43. What’s the worst thing you lied to your best friend about?
  44. Would you ditch your friends if it meant being popular?
  45. Would you want to be in business with your friends?
  46. If your best friend had body odor, would you tell them?
  47. Which app do you spend entirely too much time on?
  48. How often do you send naughty pictures?
  49. Would you rather date an ugly person who is good in bed or a really attractive person who was horrible?
  50. How many times have you been in love?
  51. What’s one thing you’ve done that your parents would be disappointed to learn?
  52. Would you go out with someone more than 30 years your senior?
  53. Have you ever been with someone because of their money?
  54. Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?
  55. Do you have any hidden piercings or tattoos?
  56. What’s one true rumor that was started about you?
  57. Have you ever cheated on an exam?
  58. What’s the worst grade you’ve ever gotten?
  59. Have you ever pretended to like something in bed that you didn’t?
  60. Have you ever faked the big ‘O’?
  61. Have you ever flashed or mooned anyone?
  62. Have you ever sabotaged someone’s relationship?
  63. Were you ever the outside/side man or woman?
  64. Who would you love to swap lives with for a week?
  65. What’s the dumbest thing you did to impress someone?


    1. Lick peanut butter or some other kind of spread off someone’s cheek.
    2. Close your eyes and let another player feed you one spoonful of anything in the fridge.
    3. Go skinny dipping in a pool or streak around the house.
    4. Let one person spank you as hard as they want to, on your butt.
    5. Leave an R-rated voicemail for one of your exes.
    6. Do your best fake “O” while looking someone in their eyes.
    7. Eat half on an onion and don’t cry.
    8. Let someone read your dirty text messages out loud.
    9. Make out with your hand.
    10. Apply for a really weird job online.
    11. Make a social media post saying you’re considering leaving your job/school to become a professional clown.
    12. Give someone in the room a foot massage.
    13. Call your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents and tell them how much you love their child.
    14. Lick someone’s tire.
    15. Let everyone else playing choose something for you to brush your teeth with?
    16. Go outside and cut 50 blades of grass with a pair of scissors.
    17. Get a Hot Cheeto and out it in your nostril for 2 minutes.
    18. Eat a spoonful of ketchup.
    19. Swallow a raw egg.
    20. Find something stinky in your trash and leave it on your head for a full minute.
    21. Leave your nose under another player’s armpit for thirty seconds.
    22. Let another player have your phone and text anyone on your contact list anything.
    23. Let another player pour ice down your back, chest or butt.
    24. Lick someone’s toe.
    25. Let the person next to you do ten push-ups with you lying under them.
    26. Switch socks with someone in the group.
    27. Serenade anyone in the group.
    28. Find a picture of a random person online and say how much they mean to you in a social media post.
    29. Hold hands with one of the other players for the rest of the game.
    30. Eat spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp-style, with another player.
    31. Let one of the players give you a wedgie.
    32. Ask the person you’ve been crushing on out on a date for this weekend.
    33. Call one of your friends’ relatives on the phone and sing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ at the top of your lungs.
    34. Pretend to be on dog peeing on a tire.
    35. Make up a rap on the spot and sing it to everyone in the room.
    36. Every time one of the players chooses ‘dare,’ walk across the floor like a crab.
    37. Got to your neighbor’s house and explain to them that you’re looking for your pet penguin who just happens to be invisible.
    38. For the next 15 minutes, talk with a deep country accent.
    39. Make a ring with some foil paper and propose to whoever’s sitting on your right.
    40. Act all creepy and smell someone’s hair until they notice what you’re doing.
    41. Pretend to remove bugs from someone’s hair and eat it- kind of like a monkey would.
    42. Allow someone in the room to give you a quick, mini makeover.
    43. Make one of the other players repeat something at least five times by pretending not to hear them.
    44. Pretend to be a chicken who’s having trouble laying an egg.
    45. Call one of your relatives and convince them that you really saw a UFO.
    46. Call your parents and tell them you’re expecting a baby.
    47. Make a sandwich with every single condiment in your fridge, then eat it.
    48. Let one of the other players draw you new eyebrows with a permanent marker.
    49. Text one of your friends and tell them you didn’t appreciate them farting in your presence the last time you two hung out.
    50. For the rest of the game, pretend to speak like the current president of the United States.
    51. Call a hooker or strip club and ask for their rates.
    52. Put the mark of Simba on another player’s head using ketchup.
    53. Open any random book and read the entire page as if you were acting out a Shakespearean play.
    54. Find a wig and sing one verse and chorus of a Whitney Houston song.
    55. Chew a stick of gum without removing the wrapper.
    56. Take off your socks using your teeth.
    57. Like a bar of soap someone just used.
    58. Roast every player that’s in the game.
    59. Call a restaurant and ask really stupid questions about one of their menu options.
    60. Do your best Michael Jackson impersonation.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare
    1. What is the weirdest nickname you have ever had?
    2. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in school?
    3. What’s the weirdest thing you have on your phone?
    4. When was the last time your parent really appreciated you?
    5. Would you trade your sibling for $5 million dollars?
    6. Are your parents really proud of the life you’re living right now?
    7. What’s the most awkward place you’ve farted?
    8. Would you spy and betray your own country for a luxurious life?
    9. Have you ever picked your nose without a tissue?
    10. Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?
    11. Have you thrown up in class with all your friends looking?
    12. What’s the worst prank you’ve played on someone?
    13. Have you ever smoked your dad’s cigarettes?
    14. Have you ever been spotted by someone you don’t like, while at a public place?
    15. Have you ever been cheated on?
    16. What’s the most valuable thing you’ve stolen?
    17. Have you ever spread a rumor about yourself, just to get attention?
    18. What’s your biggest fear?
    19. Do you talk to yourself in front of the mirror?
    20. Who do you like the least among your parents and why?
    21. What’s that one song, you would like to be played on your funeral?
    22. Have you ever secretly dated your best friend’s girlfriend/ boyfriend?
    23. Have you ever fallen out of the bed, at midnight?
    24. Have you ever bullied someone and got beaten later on?
    25. Have you ever run over an animal?
    26. Have you ever watched an adult movie secretly?
    27. How many selfies do you usually take before finally getting a good one?
    28. Do you still sleep with a stuffed toy?
    29. Have you ever done something weird just to look ‘cooler’?
    30. Have you ever pooped in your pants?


    1. Get a temporary tattoo of your ex on your forehead.
    2. Slap yourself nonstop for 5 minutes.
    3. Shave your head.
    4. Dance without music for 2 minutes.
    5. Let the person on your right draw something on your face.

Ridiculous Questions and Dares

Get to know your friend’s weirdest habits, darkest fear and much more by asking them these questions.

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. Are you afraid of the dark?
    2. Do you sleep with the lights on?
    3. Which animal resembles you?
    4. Have you spit in someone’s coffee/tea?
    5. Have you ever shared someone else’s secret with your friends?
    6. Have you ever stalked a person you’re not friends with anymore?
    7. Would you cheat on your boyfriend for a rich guy?
    8. Have you trash talked about your siblings behind their back?
    9. Have you ever left the gym before re-racking the weights?
    10. Would you take steroids?
    11. One thing about your best friend you are jealous of?
    12. Have you ever been rejected in public?
    13. What is that one thing you want to improve about yourself?
    14. Have you broken something at your friend’s house?
    15. Have you ever lied about your age to participate in a contest?
    16. If a genie appeared out of a lamp, what are going to be your three wishes?
    17. Are you scared of skydiving?
    18. What’s the most shameful incident of your life?
    19. What’s the most inappropriate person you’ve ever desired about?
    20. What’s the thing you hate about family gatherings?


    1. Tell everyone an embarrassing story about yourself.
    2. Do poll dance for as long as the music plays, with an imaginary poll.
    3. Do the worm.
    4. Lick the floor.
    5. Jump into a trash can outside your house.
    6. Yell like an animal of your choice for the next 5 minutes.

Bringing Out the Secrets Questions

Did you always want to know the favorites of your best friend, his/her likes and dislikes. Well, then your wait is over. Just remember few of these questions during the game.

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. What is your weirdest photo on Instagram?
    2. Do you watch horror movies alone?
    3. Have you ever brought your girlfriend home whilst your parents were away?
    4. Do you still sleep in your parents’ room?
    5. Do you envy your brother or sister?
    6. Have you ever gotten scratched while in some random car?
    7. Did you get caught stealing something ever?
    8. What’s your most awful habit?
    9. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you on a date?
    10. Have you ever been suspended from school?
    11. Have you ever lied to your mom about not having a girlfriend?
    12. Have you ever stolen money from your dad’s wallet for a date?
    13. What has been your wildest fantasy?
    14. If you were invisible for day, who would you spy on?
    15. Have you ever flirted with your teacher?
    16. Have you ever done drugs and felt the world was about to explode?
    17. Have you ever apologized publically for your any wrong doings?
    18. Would you marry the girl of your mom’s choice?
    19. If given the chance, would you take your life to extend the life of your loved ones?
    20. What’s that one thing you hope your parents never get to know about?


    1. Let anyone shave a part of your body.
    2. Do 100 squats.
    3. Swap shirts with the person on your left.
    4. Break three eggs on your head.
    5. Get your phone checked by your dad.

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. Name 5 expensive things that you’ve never used and regret buying?
    2. What’s the most humiliating moment you’ve faced at school?
    3. What’s your worst nightmare?
    4. Are you a homophobic person?
    5. What’s your most annoying experience at a shopping mall?
    6. Who among your friends has the worst dressing sense?
    7. What’s the next thing on your bucket list?
    8. Have you ever gotten high on marijuana?
    9. Have you ever spent a night in lockup?
    10. Have you ever cried in a public bathroom?
    11. Have you ever had a pet?
    12. How often do you use incognito mode to look at a blocked website’s content?
    13. What do you think is your grossest habit?
    14. Has someone ever called you a Casanova?
    15. Share your worst public bathroom experience.
    16. What do you consider your biggest turn-on?
    17. Have you ever seen a robbery?
    18. What’s that one part of the body that attracts you the most?
    19. Have you ever thought of killing your friend?
    20. Have you ever gotten a tattoo while drunk?
    21. Are you serious about your current boyfriend/girlfriend?
    22. Who loves you more among your parents and why?
    23. What’s that one thing about yourself, you’re really proud of?
    24. Have you ever genuinely liked someone you dated on tinder?
    25. One thing you would love to do, if it were legal?
    26. What changes would you make in your country, if you become the head of the state for a single day?
    27. Have you ever slept at work?
    28. Have you ever driven on a highway?
    29. Have you ever been drunk and driven home?


    1. Wash your companion’s feet.
    2. Go and beg on the streets till you collect $30.
    3. Dance with a mop.
    4. Call the restaurant of your choice, and tell the hostess a naughty joke.
    5. Keep barking like a dog, until your turn comes.
    6. Massage the feet of a person standing right next to you.

Mysterious Truth and Dare Questions

Almost everyone would love to know the full side of some of the strangest things that has happened to their friends, a mysterious fight which you’ve only heard rumor of, and want to know the full story. Put on your detective hat and don’t forget to grab your magnifying glasses. Some mysterious answers and confessions will have your mind puzzled. Shoot em’ questions and get to know what really happened that day.

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. What’s the ugliest fight you’ve ever been involved in?
    2. What’s that one rumor about your love life, which was true?
    3. Would you go on your ex’s wedding?
    4. Do you still watch Tom and Jerry?
    5. Who’s your ugliest friend?
    6. Do you like being associated with an egoistic person?
    7. Would you go to jail for a crime your partner committed?
    8. Do you prefer money and career over family and friends?
    9. Have you ever had a fight with a friend for posting your ugly photos?
    10. Have you ever cyberstalked anyone?
    11. If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you like to be?
    12. What’s the last thing you searched on YouTube?
    13. Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public bathroom?
    14. What’s that one thing you wouldn’t eat, even if you are starving to death?
    15. Have you ever had a dog pet?
    16. Where do you spend most of your time?
    17. Have you ever mistakenly used someone else’s toothbrush?
    18. Is it true that you ran away from home once?
    19. Do you think someone has stalked you?
    20. What’s your New Year’s resolution?
    21. Are you embarrassed of your friends?
    22. How old were you, when you found out Santa isn’t real?
    23. Have you ever felt bad after breaking someone’s heart?
    24. Do you consider yourself a failure?
    25. What’s your touchy point?
    26. What do you normally do, when someone is making fun of you?
    27. Have you ever been physically abused?
    28. Have you ever fainted because of stress?
    29. Have people made fun of your disability? (If you have any)
    30. Do you have a competitive nature?


    1. Go outside your home and dance like a drunk cowboy, without music.
    2. Put 10 ice cubes in your pant.
    3. Eat a tablespoon of hot sauce.
    4. Get a Mohawk haircut.
    5. Eat 3 raw egg yolks.
    6. Color your front 2 teeth black.
    7. Put your phone on speaker, call your mom, and tell her you’re getting married tomorrow.

Couples Truth or Dare Questions

It really doesn’t matter if it’s been a long time since you’ve last played a game of truth and dare. And it’s even funnier to play it with your significant other, crush or spouse, taking the game to a whole new level. These kinds of questions are a brilliant way to get in the mood, and get to know each other better by asking questions you never would normally. Had a question but always felt too shy to ask? Well, this is your chance now. Don’t let it slip out of your hands!

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. Have you ever had a weird dream about your partner?
    2. Would you risk your life for your partner?
    3. Have you ever thought about getting separated?
    4. What’s the biggest secret you’ve kept from your spouse?
    5. Do you even want to get married to your current lover?
    6. What’s that one thing you love about your partner?
    7. What’s that one thing you hate about your partner?
    8. Do you feel jealous when a guy/girl talks to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    9. Is there anything your partner did for you that you didn’t expect?
    10. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told your girlfriend/ boyfriend?
    11. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
    12. Would you forgive your partner if they apologized after cheating on you?
    13. Would you stay with your partner after getting to know he/ she’s a gold digger?
    14. Would you let your partner go through your browser history?
    15. Have you ever been attracted to somebody, while being in a relationship?
    16. What’s the most fun you have had in a romantic relationship?
    17. How often do you forget your anniversary?
    18. What’s your weirdest fetish?
    19. Before you and your partner started dating, did you ever think they’d be the one?
    20. How much longer do you see yourselves together?
    21. Have you ever secretly cried because of your partner?
    22. Have you ever doubted the credibility of your spouse just because of a rumor?
    23. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve said to your partner on a special occasion?
    24. What’s your biggest insecurity?
    25. How often do you think about your partner?
    26. Do you plan to start a family?
    27. Who is that one ex you would go to in a heartbeat?
    28. Have you ever felt guilty after screaming at your partner?
    29. Do you regret being in a relationship?
    30. Given the chance, would you leave your significant other for $10 million dollars?


    1. Unlock your phone and hand it over to your partner.
    2. Wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.
    3. Dress up your partner in your clothes, take a picture and put it on social media.
    4. Wear blindfolds and get tickled for 5 minutes.
    5. Wash your partner’s feet.
    6. Try hitting on someone like you’re at a bar.

Incredibly Funny Truth or Dare Questions

A little bit of lively and entertaining game does no harm to anybody, instead it makes sure the party is rocking.

Truth or Dare Questions

    1. Have you ever been friend-zoned?
    2. Do you eat your guests’ leftovers?
    3. Have you ever overstepped someone of the same sex; what was their reaction?
    4. What’s that one thing that would make you feel embarrassed if someone checked your browser history right now?
    5. Would you leave your current job for a job that’d pay slightly lower, but is located near your home?
    6. What’s that one thing you can’t really imagine your life without?
    7. Have you ever regretted buying an expensive phone?
    8. Have you ever slipped on the floor in front of your crush?
    9. What’s that one thing you’ve seen that you really wish you could un-see?
    10. If you woke up as a member of the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you’d do?
    11. If you were allowed to make a law that had to be followed by everyone else, what would you do?
    12. How will you be sure that someone is “husband/ wife material”?
    13. What one thing you would want your significant other to have?
    14. Share your worst failed romantic experience.
    15. If you could erase one thing from your childhood, what would it be?
    16. How many times have you been flat-out rejected?
    17. Have you ever been bullied? If so, what was the reason
    18. What’s the weirdest urge you’ve ever had?
    19. How frequently do you bunk school?
    20. What’s the one thing you’re afraid to lose?


    1. Say your cheesiest pickup line to everyone without getting out of the character.
    2. Call Burger King and place an order for Chinese food.
    3. Eat cat or fish food.
    4. Hop on one foot till and wait for your turn.
    5. Completely color your eyebrows blonde.
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