5 Steps For Creating Deeper Intimacy in Your Relationship.

Hardly any relationship can survive without intimacy and creating deeper intimacy is not something that happens automatic. It’s a result of conscious effort and willingness to be vulnerable and explore while accepting the weakness and shortcomings of your partner. So do you desire to create intimacy in your relationship? Does it feel like your relationship is falling apart and nothing you say or do is bringing you and your partner together? Would you like to experience deep attention, love, commitment and intimacy with your partner? Here are 5 steps you can follow to create or deepen your intimacy with your partner.

1. Get Started Now

When is comes to relationship nothing happens unless you make it happen, and you can make anything happen unless you get started. Creating Intimacy in a relationship is a choice and like every choice it begins with a decision. To create deeper intimacy you you need to get started now. Make up your mind to do things that bring you and your partner together, simple things like smiling at your partner, listening to them without interrupting and asking to make sure everything is okay with them.

2. Take Baby Steps

Intimacy like relationship is built one brick at a time. When it comes to creating deeper intimacy it is important to know especially if you are in a relationship that too much at once is a bad move. Take your time and lay the foundation. Don’t rush to tell the story of your life in one day or in one sitting. Let it be a process, pick your time and what aspect of your life you want to share. Be open yet gentle and watch out for your partner reaction. Talk but more importantly share, which means listen for feedback.

3. Create The Right Environment and Make Use of The Right Moment.

When it comes to creating deeper intimacy, the right environment and time are crucial. For instance, it’s hard to create intimate moment in public or where people are around. Seek for alone moment and start with small conversation. Go out for late night dinner and make sure to return home late or where you will be all alone. Don’t sweet over small stuff when the right environment for intimacy presents itself and avoid bring up issues that demands serious attention in those moment. Always remember that your intention of an alone moment is to create intent bond, not address serious matters.

4. Bring Up The Right Conversation.

Words create intimacy, so be careful of the kind of conversation you bring up during this moment. Work related or family related issue should not come up, you don’t want your partner answering question like they are in the law court. Your goal is to create a bond, to make them feel at home and open up to you. Sexual talk are mostly the appropriate kind of talk in creating intimacy so have that goal in mind. Ask your partner sexual questions, what kind of lingering they prefer you wearing, what sex position they prefer, where in the house would they like most to have sex.

5. Be Open and Naughty.

Women find this aspect most uncomfortable, but if your goal is to create deeper intimacy, you have to be naughty with your partner. Women, men like it when you express your sexual side and tell them what you like or ask them what they prefer. Be open, be understanding, be naughty. An intimate relationship benefit both partner and creating one should be every couple’s goal.


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