How To Make A Guy Like You Without Being Annoying

How does it feel when you have this deeply rooted crush on someone? Do you feel this huge affection in you whenever you see the person? I can imagine how it must be looking forward to seeing him on a daily basis. Well, contrary to what most people think, making a guy like you is as easy as it sounds.

However, you need to understand one thing and that is, getting someone you really like to notice you don’t just happen, it is a spontaneous act and so everything that appertains to love must be done spontaneously. I know they say crushes don’t last but resisting the charms and finesse of that guy might not come easy for you. What then can you do? I quite understand that sometimes it sounds whorish to walk up to a guy and mention the “i like you” words into his ears. It could give a wrong signal or maybe that is just not the right move for you.

Right about now, you must be wondering; what then can do the magic? Try the under listed instead;

Know What Appeals to Him

I know it sounds all hectic but knowing a man gives you multiple ways of understanding him. When you know what appeals to that your crush, you would be able to keep a proper record of those things he likes and don’t like. Basically, this is often after you must have gotten that physical relevance. By physical relevance, what I mean is that when he recognizes you anytime he sees you. It is one thing to like a guy and it is yet another to be recognized by the guy. Trust me when I say it is very painful when you love a guy and he doesn’t even know you exist. He has the tendency to fall for you when you do those things that tickle his fancy. The reason for this is mainly because of the fact that endemically guys should go after the girls but liking him first is not a bad idea. It only becomes a bad idea when doing those things that appeal to him makes him feel like you just can’t do without him because you already love him. So, when doing the things he likes; try to do it like you are just doing it naturally and you are sure to attract him. 

Be Selective

Men by their very nature are very choosy and so been in your best attire at all times makes him think you are classy. There is a popular saying, “that men are attracted by what they see and women are attracted by what they hear”. If it this is true, it only means you have a chance at getting that desired man if you look presentable to him. Being presentable comes with being bold and taking good care of yourself, your appearance and how you dress should be more than enough to get any man’s attention. They are the best men attracting tricks.

Be Bold and Independent

The greatest first impression any woman can display to a man is to act independent and bold. As it stands, being independent reveals your dreams, goals and achievements in a mature way. It has a way of portraying you in his bigger picture. Boldness, on the other hand, makes him respect you. We all know how crazy love can be but loving a guy or making a guy love you should not make you lose a grip on yourself. No guy has a right to undermine your self-esteem and so you need to get bold and be able to stand firm with your decisions or oppose if the circumstances require.

Be Original

Originality warrants more value and value appreciates. It gets all scary when you try to be someone else in the course of trying to make a guy like you. Trust me, your real self would be better appreciated because the fake attitude would always be porous and when you are porous; it becomes easy for any guy to begin to pinpoint the fault in you rather than like you.

Gesture at Him

There are many ways to gesture at a guy. It could be verbally through words, paper(Text) or through body language. The most practical and usually used aspect of this among girls is to keep an eye contact and try to keep a smiling face. Also, you could drop complimentary notes on his table or a simple hello with a warm smile. Men love to be recognized and appreciated. This passes the entire message you are trying to pass across to him. After this, placing a quick interval before you get his number or contact address is very vital. I know how it feels when he smiles back at you, but remember that the worst thing to be with a guy is to be vulnerable and to avoid this, try to keep a wide space between the period of the appreciative compliments and trying to get his mobile number. This way he doesn’t feel you are overzealous about him, but he should also have an easy guess of the fact that you like him.

Run into Him

It is always awesome when you bump into him from time to time, but you should be careful not to give him a stalker impression(that would be way creepy lol). It is always nice to be seen, but could be a bad sign when he thinks you are stalking him. Bumping into him from time to time makes him take better note of you. Apart from just liking you, you two can start off as friends and that would make a good start into getting your desired man.

Conclusively, it is always better when you try to find out about the man you like. Liking you is quite easy when he is not of promiscuous tendencies. It is best to be involved with a man who would end up loving and respecting your personality. This is key to having a blissful relationship.

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