How To Make A Guy Moan With Intense Pleasure

Ladies, you do not need to be shy in the bedroom any longer. These tips will always keep you at the top of your game when you are intimate with your man.

Sometimes, knowing where to touch and how to touch him could be difficult. You want him to love every bit of the sex, especially when it comes to oral sex. Do not be afraid to try these tips out. They will drive him crazy and keep wild thoughts about you on his mind.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep him wanting more.


Kissing is not meant for just foreplay or oral sex alone. Try kissing your man during intercourse.

Deep kisses during intercourse will boost the pleasure and increase the intensity.

Take Control

Catch him unawares when he’s watching the game by giving him a little squeeze down there. Stroke him a little and plant kisses on his ear when he least expects it. Give him a blowjob while he’s just sitting on the couch or playing video games.

Surveys have shown that men love it when their women take charge.

Shower Together

What could be hotter than sex in the shower? Soapy and slippery fun is the way to go. He can lift you up against the wall and insert through the back or the front.

You should try kissing your way down to his member and giving him a blowjob while water runs over you.

Tease him

Sometimes don’t let him have it all at once. Keep building the pressure till he begs for it. Soft kisses on his ears, down to his nipples will drive him crazy.

Repeat a few times then stop to make him lunch or something. You’ll be wrapped around his mind for the whole day.

Ice it up

Use an ice cube to give him a soft and slippery massage while he lies in his stomach. Move the ice up and down his back; tease him a little by getting to his balls a few times.

Grease it up

Try incorporating lubricants in the bedroom. This will definitely help improve intercourse (especially if you’re into anal sex) and oral sex.

Let him rub some on your butt as he penetrates you from behind.

Give him instructions

Sometimes, being blunt is the key to turning him on. Tell him what you want and how you want it when you’re in the bedroom.

In public, whisper into his ears and let him know all the things you want him to do to you when you get home.

Blindfold him

Increase his anticipation and the intensity by blindfolding him. Surprise him by licking new spots and pressing your nipples against his bare back.

Grind on him and plant soft kisses on his chest. He won’t know where the next sensation will come from.

Add food

Get sweet and spicy with your man by adding sweets, chocolates or strawberries will increase the heat in the bedroom. Pour warm chocolate on his member and lick it all off slowly. Put some whipped cream on his body and lick that off too.

Try using some of it on yourself and watch him eat you with more taste in his mouth.

Try new locations

Try spicing up your sex life by being spontaneous outside the bedroom. Places like the kitchen, on the sofa or in the car will get him more aroused because of that extra element of surprise.

Get on top

Staying on top keeps you in control and turns him on even more. He can see your facial expressions and your body (breasts) movements better.

The intimacy of this style is maximum- you can kiss him and do other things while on top. You can control the pace and decide to ride him slow or fast.

Massage his body

Knead and massage his back, chest and butt cheeks during oral. You can double the intensity in the bedroom by using sweet scented massage oils and moaning softly.

Stimulate his g-spot

The skin between his backside and scrotum is his g-spot (perineum). Stimulating this area will increase pleasure for him.

Try using your tongue or fingers to gently push on this area. You’ll be glad you did!

Bath time

If shower sex is already a thing for you guys, try the bath tub! Massage each other and elevate into oral before getting down to business.

There are lots of styles you can try in the bath tub to maximize pleasure (e.g. surfboard).

Do all the work

Sometimes, he’s tired after a long day at work and he has little motivation for sex. Treat him well by making sure he does not lift a finger.

Feed him, pamper him and make him relax a little. Take off his shirt and pants for him, treat him like your baby. This will set him in the mood for some good loving later.

Let him take charge

Although, men love it when their women are in control, but most times they prefer to be in charge.

He wants to dominate the sex and you can increase the intensity by holding your knees up during missionary. This will arouse him and he’ll be able to thrust deeper.

Grab him from behind

Take him by surprise when he’s standing by stroking his member from the back. Put your hand in his pants and stroke him gently.

Whisper nasty things into his ear and play with his ears. 

Check Out Language Of DesireSexual words that automatically turn him on

Play rough

Men are tough so they can take a little manhandling in the bedroom. Spank his butt, scratch his back and bite his nipples.

These will get him aroused and you better be ready for the consequence 😉


There is usually no time for long sex sessions. This is why nasty and fast quickies are great ways for keeping fire burning between the both of you.

Try having a quick one before he leaves for work. The passion will remain strong this way.

Use toys

Introducing sex toys into foreplay and intercourse is an amazing way of spicing things up in the bedroom.

Handcuffs and vibrators will add more kink and intimacy, and increase the chances of you having orgasms.

Boost his ego

Compliment him and psych him up. Tell him how much you enjoy sex with him and how great he is at it. This works best especially when you’re interested in another round.

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