Sex Positions That Men Love The Most

While some people might say that the best way to a man’s heart is by the food he eats, I begin to wonder in a feeling of mild irritation what the importance of sex would then be. As it stands now and always, there is no better way in which a man can keep his woman on his side if not by a healthy sex life. Some love experts would even say that the happiest of men have the healthiest sex life.

Sex involves more than just having a bodily attraction; it involves the means of two bodies having a sensual communication with each other. Sex is a form of body language that only two people can best enjoy.

A perfect picture of a sex life goes thus; after a brief moment of passionate talks and ecstasy jokes, he gives you this passionately long kiss, it should be long enough to make  you stick your hands around his neck as you gasps for some sensual breathe. After this, he then takes a short stroke on your hair as he kisses  your neck passionately and smooches your hunky and dapper body. At this point, it would be safe for him to carefully unclad your dress as he easily fondles your body and tongue stroke the tits of your boobs. Kissing you at this point might just make you two have a close and intimate tongue lock as he fingers through your wet vagina. When all these are done, he sure would have gotten himself alongside with you in that perfect sex mood. It is only then you two could try any of the under listed sex positions;

THE MISSIONARY STYLE: apart from being the first style after a long make-out session, the missionary style is an obsolete and age long style. Although very much enjoyable, it is the first style to try if you ever think of going on a sexual adventure. This sex position involves you the man been on the top of your woman and while the smooching keeps on going, the body sticks together like some sort of magnetic fields. While you are atop, He would quickly gain access to your wet vagina as he penetrates back and forth like the digging of a mouse hole by an experienced hunter. It involves the raising of your hips during penetration and it gives room for kissing, smooching and a long tongue lock. However, you could also spice up the missionary style by spreading your thighs wide open as he gains an easier and deeper penetration. While at this, he could set the pace by f**king your vagina harder and faster as he s*ck your nipples and pulls you closer. Also, the missionary style is best enjoyed when you realise your vagina is wet ; it is only then that you find your libido. After this, He could fix his finger in your a**, you have a high tendency to have your hands spread or holding him tight.. This explains the point of climax and most men don’t want to miss out on this. Sex involves the expression of feelings and the missionary style is a variant of such.

THE REVERSE SEX STYLE ; This is the reverse aspect of the usual doggie style but rather than bending your butt, you two would have to face sideways either on your bed or any other place that you might choose. Here, you allow your raised her leg as he fixes his penis into your already wet vagina. This sex style allows an easier and deeper penetration. While this is done, it is best to easily penetrate back and forth as he intimately gives you a kiss on your neck and shoulder. While doing this, if you look back, it has a crazy way of turning him on more, as he cling harder to your unclad and hunky curve. It is an interesting sex style that has a magical way of driving a man crazy. It also keeps your man in charge.

DOGGIE STYLE: this style is a backward penetration style. This style involves you kneeling or standing while you keep your butt stuck out. The major thing here is for you to have your rears properly bent for easier penetration. When you poses like you want to pick something, your man easily finds his penetration from your behind. He immediately sticks his penis into your sweet looking vagina as he gains a faster and deeper penetration as you mean until you attain a climax. This style keeps your man asking for more.

THE LAP DANCE: this style is quite common amongst the present day youths especially those that like to explore diverse sex positions. All that needs to be done is for your man to have a convenient seat on a chair as you sit in between his thighs and ride him back and forth like you are doing some of those ancient days Egyptian women dance styles. This keeps you in control as your man pulls you closer in a perpetual state of sexual suspense. It allows for easy kissing and smooching as his hands passionately fondle your body as he tries to hold your a** tight. This is a crazy one for the men.

THE CLING: this sex position heightens the climaxing of a lady and it is very much enjoyable for men too. It is a lot like the missionary style where your man is on top but the difference with this style is that you cling your legs around your man’s waist like a strap. When the strap is done, your man can easily penetrate deeper. Most men love this style because it is fantastically enjoyable. The man can easily use his hands to support your rear as he digs in back and forth. This style allows the couple to control the acceleration of penetration.

THE PLANK HIPS: just like this sex style sounds, it involves the lady lying down like a log of wood but unlike the usual doggie style; she just raises her hips as the man lying behind her can easily gain penetration. It allows for a faster sexual penetration even as the two lie facing downwards. It is easier to smooch and kiss with this style too.

Conclusively, the fun behind all of these sex styles is that they can be interchanged from time to time. However, changing your sex styles from time to time keeps your man expected and always watching out for what you intend bringing to the table next. A happy sex life guarantees a happy couple.

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