5 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

True love is a strange and powerful thing and whilst it is true that you can’t just wake up one day and not feel it, it can slowly over time lose its strength until one day you realize that it just isn’t there anymore. The problem is by this time it is too late to try and rekindle the love and the likelihood is that your partner will get hurt in the cross fire of these fading feelings. It isn’t always like though; sometimes it might be you who is on the receiving end of a love now weakened. Perhaps your partner can’t even admit it to themselves yet. Perhaps they are too scared to admit it to you, but either way, you need to know whether your partner is falling out of love with you.

1. He Just Doesn’t Put The Effort In

One of the sure fire signs that your partner might be falling out of love with you, is the effort he puts into not only the relationship but himself whilst he is around you. If your partner has stopped putting any effort into how they look and act around you then this could mean they do not feel the need to impress you like they once did. It could even mean they are trying to get you to break up with them. This might seem like a farfetched idea but most men at some point in their lives have stopped washing to drive a girl away. The simple fact is that if your man puts more effort into how he looks when he is going out without you, then he clearly doesn’t care about what you think of him and this is a real warning sign that his interest in you is faltering.

2. Doesn’t Want Sex

If a man is in love with a woman then there are very few occasions when he would turn down having sex with her. That is just pure and simple fact. If you find that your partner is giving you excuses every time you bring up the idea of going to the bedroom, then this could be another warning sign that he is losing whatever feelings he might have had for you. A man who has faltering feelings will tend to avoid sex with his partner out of guilt and shame for not feeling the same way that he used to. This is especially a warning sign if you both had a good sex life prior to this.

3. Avoids Serious Talks

Every relationship is moving forwards, from the minute it starts to the moment it ends. As a woman it is only natural to wonder what the next step in your relationship might be. You might be wondering whether you will move in together, go on holiday together or even have children together. These thoughts are best to be talked about with your partner to see where they stand on your wants and hopes. It is then up to you and your partner to decide where you want to take things from there. A man, who won’t talk about the relationship he is in, is a man who is hiding something. This again is especially true if you have never had a problem with talking to him before.  A man who is in a relationship will normally be willing to talk about where the relationship is going. If he won’t talk about the direction then you can be safe in the assumption that he can’t see a future for you both or he is unwilling to plan a future because he is feeling uncertain.

4. Doesn’t Pay You Any Attention

If your partner pays more attention to other girls on a night out than to you, then you might have a problem. You have an even bigger problem though if your partner stops paying attention to you completely. One of the best things about being in a relationship is knowing that you have someone to lean on for support, to pick you up when you feel down and to compliment you when you do something new to yourself. If your partner has stopped paying attention to you then you might want to question where that attention has gone and why it has gone. When a man truly loves a woman he gives her every bit of attention he has because he knows that she deserves it. If a man has fallen out of love with a woman then he will tend to stop giving her attention because he forgets that she actually needs it to feel wanted.

5. Won’t Make Plans

When you first start getting serious in a relationship it seems like you will last forever. You start to make plans for holidays and the festive season, you start watching television shows together and you check to see what the other is doing before you make arrangements with other people. This should carry on all the way through the relationship but if your partner has stopped making plans that involve you then this could be a serious sign that they have fallen out of love with you. As it shows that they are not thinking about you when it comes to making arrangements and they are unwilling to confirm whether they will be there for certain events.

In Conclusion

It can be difficult to accept that someone we love has fallen out of love with us. It can be even more difficult when you notice it before you partner does. The thing is though that sometimes it just happens and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Sometimes things are just not meant to be and the quicker that you can both accept this, the quicker you will both be able to move on and find happiness elsewhere. The worst thing you can do is hang on to somebody who doesn’t want to be with you, even if you can’t imagine your life without them.

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