How to Use Silence to Create More Love

Okay, so right away you’re probably wondering how in the world silence could promote more love in your relationship, but there are some real creative ways that silence could work to your advantage. Sometimes building a relationship goes beyond what we say to each other and gets right down to the actions and feelings two people have when they’re in a relationship. Amazing things can happen in the silence if you’re lucky. While you’d want to avoid the old fashioned silent treatment, some silence is great for getting clarity, reflecting, and just connecting on another level. Below you will find a few ways to use silence to create more love in your relationship.

Silence Allows You to Connect

Relationships become routine. You get up, get ready for work, get the kids ready for school, do your daily commute, finish work, go home, make dinner, and start the cycle all over again. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, the noise of children running through the home, and the distractions of work can all be quite mind boggling to say the least. Sometimes you need a bit of silence just to reconnect with the one you love. Plan an evening at your favorite location with your loved one. Make sure it’s a nice quite place where the two of you can just be with each other and let go of your stresses together.

Silence Makes You a Better Listener

Communication is important to promote love within a relationship. When two people are unable to communicate with one another it becomes really difficult to stay on the same page within a relationship. However, many couples fail to communicate effectively. If both parties are talking at the same time with the same intensity and different points of views, the conversation never gets anywhere. Silence in this case is advised and will help you in becoming a better listener. If you’re quite while your partner is talking, they get their point across and you can come to an agreement without too much conflict.

Silence Sets the Mood for Touching

Men can probably relate to this a bit more than women can but have you ever just been turned off by your significant other because of something they said? Maybe you’re in the mood to give them a hug or a kiss and they start nagging you about something you’re just not in the mood to talk about? Well in this instance silence is golden. Take some time just the two of you and don’t say much of anything. Just gaze in each other’s eyes and see where that leads you. Chances are you’ll be in an affectionate mood for touching.

Silence Allows You to Reflect

Reflection is something that is highly needed in a relationship but not too many people take the time to do it. Every now and again take some time apart and just reflect on life, love, and your relationship. When you have the silence to reflect you can learn things that need to be improved, things that could stay the same, and areas where you could make a better effort. Reflection allows for growth and growth within a relationship leads to a loving relationship.


So as you can see silence is not always a bad thing. It is healthy from time to time to use silence as a method for regaining perspective within your relationship. Life is full of noises, distractions, and troubles which is why silence should be welcomed and adapted at least sometimes within a relationship. It is the key to connecting, listening, touching, and reflecting, and ultimately will improve the love in the relationship you’ve worked so hard to keep together.

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