How to make your Husband Love you again

As much as we enjoyed our honeymoons, sadly, they do not last forever. Reality sets in eventually and marriage gets tougher than we expected. Marriage gets boring and kids may be tedious to juggle with daily schedules. We barely have time for ourselves and husbands. Maybe he ignores you or you may feel like he does not appreciate you anymore. He doesn’t look at you the same way and the adventurous side is gone. You know the spark between you two has faded and you need to bring back the romance.

Nonetheless, you can make every day feel like it’s your honeymoon.

If you believe that intimacy is lost between you and your husband, your first instinct might make you think that he does not love you anymore, and then you begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong. Often, this can lead to a lot of confusion, especially because it is not you or your feelings that have changed.

The real problem is the lack of communication. If the marriage principles clear communication, teamwork and understanding – are maintained you will always have something to work on, if something goes wrong, because you have at least as much an idea of what is going on in your relationship. It is always important to talk to each other, and “talk” does not mean “attack and defense “. It means understanding how your partner feels, because you love them.

This is intimacy, Communication should be equal between couples, and when one partner feels unheard, the connection could be lost. Sometimes, intimacy or proper communication might just be missing in your marriage.

Find out how to make your husband fall in love with you again.

Be Supportive:

Women feel the need to take control of certain situations. Sometimes, it is best to let him know you support him even when you are not 100% sure. He wants you on his team. Do not think your way is the best way. By supporting him, he will know you are on his side. Even if his decision fails, your husband will prefer to tell you his next move. Allow your husband to feel the need to turn to you and seek your opinion without you even asking. You should be his number one fan.

Allow him express himself:

If you cause conflicts every time he brings up certain matters, he will not feel comfortable talking to you about some situations. He will know that you truly care only when you are onboard with his plans. Never judge his actions based on those of other men, he is not them. Your husband will be at ease around you if he knows he can always talk to you.

Listen to him:

There is no better way to improve communication with your husband than listening to him. Ask him questions, allow him speak and do not rush or jump into any conclusions. Listening is not the same as just keeping quiet while he talks. Take time out and let him pour out his thoughts and fears. It is best to know what is on his mind instead of assuming he doesn’t love you anymore. Get your husband to open up and share how he really feels.

Surprise him:

Be the first to get the latest version of his favorite books, buy him tickets to watch his favorite game or cook his best meal when he least expects it. It doesn’t have to be his birthday, valentines’ or your wedding anniversary before you surprise him. Pick a random day or place, be creative. Make him smile at unexpected times and locations. Know his mood and how to make him laugh when he’s feeling down. Be his antidote.

Improve your appearance:

Look good, feel good. When you look nice, he will notice. Make it a frequent habit. Try to look better than you did yesterday. You don’t have to break the bank. Wear nice perfume and lovely pair of heels to serve him dinner. When you feel attractive, he will find you attractive. Always wear sexy lingerie. Ask him what he loves seeing you wear. This is will improve the communication between you both and your sex life.

Acknowledge his efforts:

No matter how small, always thank him. This will urge him to do more for you. Don’t just say “thanks”; thank him in a special way. You should know how to show him that you truly appreciate him. Give him a backrub after he brings home groceries. Men love to feel appreciated.

Spice it up:

Sex is very important in marriage and I’m not talking about being submissive every time. Be the one to initiate bedroom activity. Incorporate desserts, new locations and toys in the bedroom. Don’t be predictable. Try new things out and be romantic with him. Get scented candles, flower petals and make that bed look irresistible. You need to know where and how to touch him. This will also challenge him to be more creative as well and the bond between you two will grow. You don’t need to be perfect it’s the effort that counts.

Remember the good old days:

In order to revive the magic between you and husband, you need to travel back in time. Yes! You have to do the things that made him fall in love with you for the very first time. Get him his best album from his favorite band or take him to a place where you both loved to go back then. Remind him of the things that made him love you in the first place.
Watch the effects a little bit of thought and effort will have on your husband. To make your husband fall in love with you again, be the exciting girl he fell in love with.
Good luck!

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